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Joining the association

What a good idea you've had! As an association we offer a wealth of benefits outlined below.

We are afraid membership is now closed for 2020 however we will re-open for 2021 memebership at the begining of December.
For any questions please contact our Membership Secretary on 07583 539449 or Contact Sarah

Membership Benefits

BBKA Membership

Affiliation to British Beekeepers' Association (BBKA) giving:
  • 3rd party liability insurance.
  • Free BBKA monthly magazine - one of the best beekeeping magazines available.
  • Access to the BBKA national examination system.
  • Bee Disease Insurance

    Free bee disease insurance (BDI) for your first 3 hives. BDI provides insurance for the replacement of beekeeping equipment should it have to be destroyed due to an incidence of a notifiable disease, such as European or American Foul Brood.

    Ongoing training

    A rich array of free training (not including our Beginners’ Course). Including practical beekeeping training carried out at our own apiary.

    Regular Newsletter

    Regular newsletter 'Bee-Aware' to keep you up-to-date with association news.

    Discounted Consumables

    Association sales of jars, treatments and food for your bees at greatly reduced prices. Savings on this alone can pay for your membership!

    Annual Yearbook

    Annual ‘Norfolk Federation Yearbook’ which includes useful members directories and interesting articles from both WNKLBA and our sister association Norfolk Beekeepers’ Association (NBKA).

    Events Galore

    A lively programme of events covering all things bees and beekeeping and an annual honey show plus access to many events organised by our sister association NBKA.