Got a Swarm?

If you discover a honey bee swarm please contact our swarm co-ordinators
There are over 250 types of bees in the UK but there is only one european honey bee (Apis mellifera). Our members are volunteers who can only help with honey bees.

Kings Lynn and West Norfolk - Barry Thrower 01553 810001
North Norfolk - Barry Walker-Moore 07833 915340

Breckland - Trevor Nash 07955 166852

Broadland - Andy Jameson 07917 756015 / Sue Ives 01603 717880 or 07891 368502

Norwich - Paul Cain Mobile 07792 770678 / Corriena Scollay Tel 07561 324527

South Norfolk including Gt Yarmouth - Denise Drake 07796 387439 / Tristan Hanwell 01953 789281 or 07824 567447

Costs: West Norfolk and King's Lynn Beekeepers provide swarm collection services on a voluntary basis.
Very very few are full time beekeepers so we do urge you to double check that you have honey bees and not other insects before calling them away from work for possibly several hours.
We think it is reasonable that you make a donation for expenses such as fuel costs - the rest is down to you.

BUMBLE BEES, MASON BEES and other bees

These bees are harmless and numbers dwindle naturally as the year draws to a close. Please try and live with them as they contribute to the balance of the ecology. Some beekeepers may offer help with these bees : this is their personal choice since NBKA insurance only covers swarm collection of honey bees.

All Norfolk - Helen Copperthwaite. Phone: 01263 734682 . Email: [email protected]

All Norfolk- Mike Willis. Phone : 01493 369261


Kings Lynn and West Norfolk DC - 01553 616200

North Norfolk DC - 01263 513811

Breckland DC - 01362 656870

Broadland DC - 01603 431133

South Norfolk DC - 01508 533633

Norwich DC - 01603 212212
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  • National Honey Show

    National Honey Show

    As you may be aware and as a result of the Covid-19 restrictions currently in place, it will not be possible to hold a live National Honey Show this year at Sandown Park from 22nd to 24th October 2020. Instead, there will be a virtual show over the three days in October and the Honey Show Executive have worked exceptionally hard in putting together what they feel will be one of the best on-line Shows that you will have seen.

    Whilst there will not be any competition this year, they are able to bring to the Show a series of lectures and workshops together with a number of Traders in our Virtual Exhibition Hall who will be plying their wares, similar to the previous live shows. Further details of the lectures, workshops and other events and items of interest can be found on the website at

    Entry to the Show is by registration only and is free to all.

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    Feeling nostalgic? Wonder how much a WBC cost in 1931 or what happened when Prince Charles visited our tent at Sandringham - checkout the files section of the members area to see our Past Yearbooks, Back Issues of Bee Aware and Videos of events and training from 2009. The BBKA also offers back issues of the BBKA Newsleter online, for more details see here